Haas Parameter 57 – COMMON SWITCH 1

COMMON SWITCH 1 COMMON SWITCH 1 Parameter 57 is a collection of general purpose single bit flags used to tun some functions on and off. The left and right cursor arrows are used to select the function being changed. All values are 0 or 1 only. The function names are: REV CRANK Reverse direction of jog handle.DISABLE T.CDisables tool changer operations.DISABLE G.BDisables gear box functions.POF AT E- STPStops spindle then turns the power off at EMERGENCY STOP.RIGID TAPIndicates hardware option for rigid tap.REV SPIN ENCReverse sense direction of spindle encoder.REPT RIG TAPSelects repeatable rigid tapping.EX ST MD CHGSelects exact stop in moves when mode changes.SAFETY CIRC.This enables safety hardware, if the machine is so equipped.SP DR LIN ACSelects linear deceleration for rigid tapping. 0 is quadratic.PH LOSS DETWhen enabled, will detect a phase loss.COOLANT SPGTEnables coolant spigot control and display.OVER T IS NCSelects control over temp sensor as N.C.SKIP OVERSIGHTCauses Skip (G31) to act like Fanuc and overshoot sense point.NONINV SP STNon-inverted spindle stopped status.SP LOAD MONISpindle load monitor option is enabled.SP TEMP MONISpindle temperature monitor option is enabled.ENA ROT & SCEnables rotation and scaling.ENABLE DNCEnables DNC selection from MDI.ENABLE BGEDTEnables BACKGROUND EDIT mode.ENA GRNT FLTEnables ground fault detector.KEYBD SHIFTEnables use of keyboard when shift functions.ENABLE MACROEnables macro functions.INVERT SKIPInvert sense of skip to active low=closed.HANDLE CURSREnable use of job handle to move cursor.NEG WORK OFSSelects use of work offsets in negative direction.SPIN COOLANTEnables spindle low oil pressure detection.ENA QUICKCODEEnables conversational programming.OILER ON/OFFEnables oiler power when servos or spindle is in motion.NC OVER VOLTInverts sense of over voltage signalUNUSEDDOOR STOP SPEnables functions to stop spindle and manual operations at door switch.

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