Haas Settings: 50 – Aux Axis Sync

This changes the synchronization between sender and receiver for the second serial port. The second se- rial port is used for auxiliary axes. The settings between the CNC control and the auxiliary axes must be the same.
Selecting “RTS/CTS” will tell the sender to temporarily stop sending date while the receiver catches up.
Selecting “XON/XOFF” uses ASCII character codes from the receiver to tell the sender to temporarily stop.
XON/XOFF is the most common setting.
The “DC Codes” selection is like ZON/XOFF with the exception that start/stop codes are sent.
The “XMODEM” selection is receiver-driven, which sends data in blocks of 128 bytes. XMODEM gives the RS-232 communication added reliability because each block is checked for integrity.

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