Haas Settings: 75 – 9xxxx Progs Singls BLK

When Setting 75 is On and the control is operating in Single Block mode, then the control will stop at each block of code in a macro program (O9xxxx) and wait for the operator to press Cycle Start. When Setting 75 is Off, the macro program is run continuously, the control will not pause at each block, even if Single Block is on. The default setting is On
When Setting 74 and Setting 75 are both On, the control acts normally. That is, all blocks executed are high- lighted and displayed, and when in Single Block mode there is a pause before each block is executed.
When Setting 74 and Setting 75 are both Off, the control will execute 9000 series programs without displaying the program code. If the control is in Single Block mode, no single-block pause will occur during the running of the 9000 series program.
When Setting 75 is On and Setting 74 is Off, then 9000 series programs are displayed as they are executed.

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