This setting causes the specified action (Alarm, Feedhold, Beep, Autofeed) to occur anytime a tool becomes overloaded (see the Tooling section)
Choosing “Alarm” will cause the machine to stop when the tool is overloaded.
When set to “Feedhold”, the message “Tool Overload” will be displayed and the machine will stop in a feed- hold situation when this condition occurs. Pressing any key will clear the message.
Selecting “Beep” will cause an audible noise (beep) from the control when the tool is overloaded.
When set to “Autofeed”, the lathe automatically limits the feedrate based on the tool load.

Autofeed Notes: When tapping (ridged or floating), the feed and spindle overrides will be locked out, so the Autofeed feature will be ineffective (the control will appear to respond to the override buttons, by displaying the override messages). The Autofeed feature should not be used when thread milling or auto reversing tap- ping heads, as it may cause unpredictable results or even a crash. The last commanded feedrate would be restored at the end of the program execution, or when the operator presses Reset or turns off the Autofeed feature. The operator may use the keyboard feedrate override buttons while the Autofeed feature is selected. These buttons will be recognized by the Autofeed feature as the new commanded feedrate as long as the tool load limit is not exceeded. However, if the tool load limit has already been exceeded, the control will ignore the feedrate override buttons.